The Martian Recently my husband had been repeatedly nagging me to watch The Martian, he had been to watch at the cinemas with my brother and wanted me to watch it now. I like science fiction and who doesn’t like to look at Matt Damon? But still the concept just made me think “meh!”

go here So he nagged and one night I caved and agreed to watch it. I spent the next two hours on the edge of my seat in a state of anxiety. Hysterically laughing one minute, holding my breath and crying the next. Not to mention the number of times I turned and grilled my husband about what was going to happen. Within two minutes of the film finishing I was online and rush ordering the book.

Okay so spoilers will probably occur going forward. If you haven’t experienced The Martian yet, go away, watch it, read it and come back!

If we start with the film, I know that’s backwards, but humour me. Matt Damon is witty, intelligent and desperate in equal measures, he brings the life into the film. Ironic when they thought he was dead and abandoned him eh? But I also love the appearance of some favourite actors, in particular Sean Bean, Jeff Daniels and Kristen Wiig. Their combination of humour, timing and sincerity really made the film special for me. Also, the Council of Elrond jokes made this LOTR nerd almost indecently happy. Seriously. My reaction was NSFW.

Anyway I obviously finished the film on a high and said those rare words heard in marriages, “yes hubby, you were right. I should have watched it sooner”. He did try to get me to repeat it on camera, but sorry no such luck.

Then onto the book, which is even more impressive. Firstly and a bit technically I loved the switch of narrator and narration styles to tell each bit of history and different plot and story line. It is often managed with such aplomb in modern novels and really was enjoyable. It kept me on my toes and always wanting more from the other plot lines, just perfect. The book is even more hilarious and devastating in equal measures. With Mark you deal with the complete acceptance that he is alone and probably going to die. How to deal with that? How to survive? You physically feel yourself standing up with him and deciding to fight, to not give in. To the personal favourite bit of mine, where you are with Teddy in NASA trying to hold it all together, but thinking what must my astronaut be going through, how is he coping, what is he thinking. Cut back to Mark arguing that aqua man should not have control over whales… Genius

I cannot recommend this highly enough, in either book or film, or even both. I am now the one doing the nagging at work “you MUST watch/read this”. But it has been quite a while since I have been so entertained and enthralled that I just can’t stop talking about it.



So… I haven’t posted in a while and I think that it is because I have been naughty. Not in the way that I am on a diet and I can’t eat certain things because they are fattening and bad and fattening is ugly and horrible. But in the way that I want to change, I want to be more myself, more happy.

I am now realising that I have some pretty serious self-destruct triggers and if I want to change anything there is no point worrying about my weight and my food intake or number of steps and dress size. What I need to worry about are those triggers.

For the past few weeks I have eaten everything in sight, done absolutely minimum movement, gotten spotty and grumpy and tired. Enough. No more.

SO my first trigger I have figured out is food related. But not because food is evil! Whenever I drink fizzy drinks I get lazy, I stop getting up to refresh water and just pour it from the bottle. I get bloated and sickly so I don’t want to move, or cook, or make an effort with anything. To stop feeling crappy and bloated and not want to make an effort I now need to cut out the fizzy drinks.

To make sure I do I’ve finally succumbed and got myself a gym membership – not that I will be using the gym. Horrible place. But I have committed myself to swimming two mornings a week before work, a pilates class once a week and i am going to run my dogs ragged. I’ve put it in my diary and told my mum and everything. Promise.



Colour Therapy

So part of my new change is that I wanted to try and get out of my comfortable rut. My husband and I are very happy but spend a lot of evening completely knackered and passing out on the sofa in front of the TV. Despite two lunatic beagles…

My hubby is now spending half hour every couple of evenings out on his brand new bicycle. What am I doing? I’m colouring.

This may seem really childish but it’s actually really enjoyable and therapeutic. It helps me relax after a stressful day at work. Helps to reanimate me and help me feel more alive rather than passing out under a snuggle blanket. It’s entertaining and after colouring for forty minutes I feel more awake and relaxed than I have all day.

Also. It’s pretty!



Healthy, not thin!

I hope the lovely lady in the blog post linked below won’t mind me stealing her blog post as inspiration but she has said what I couldn’t quite explain with my New Years resolutions.

Many in my life think that the ultimate goal is to be thin. Some are well meaning and honestly not judging they just think this is what everyone dreams of, however it still hurts me when the pass comments. Others intend to be mean, my reaction to them is not suitable to put in writing!

To me being thin is great for you as long as you are happy, but personally it’s not for me. It’s taken me a long time to love my curves, but I am there and I love that I have a big butt which distracts my husband even when he is watching Manchester United. Also as much as I moan I like having big boobs which fill out every dress I wear in an attractive way.

However, I am not happy with my current situation. I am in a rut, physically and mentally and I want that to change. I want to go to Vegas in April and not be tired walking up the strip, I want to be able to look forward to trying for a baby in the summer without the worry that I’m not doing enough.

So at the minute I am technically healthy, my blood pressure, sugar levels etc are perfect (shock horror I know, I’m fat how can that be?!) but I am not happy with me and this is why I am making a change!

Click  buy prednisone 5 mg here to see the blog that started of this rant/explanation thing.





New Years Resolutions

I don’t normally make New Years Resolutions as I know that they will be out of the window by midday on the 3rd January, maybe the 5th if I am feeling saintly…

But this year I have decided to make a change for several reasons, so my resolutions are –

  1. To change my eating habits; my goal is to lose weight to become more comfortable with my body, not because I am too fat and unhappy. I have joined Slimmng World where I will be changing how I eat, not cutting out and becoming a coconut water addict, but focussing on eating healthier and better foods for me.
  2. I am aiming to become more active, walk the dogs a little bit further and start using my dusty treadmill a little more often.
  3. To make more of an effort to get up off the sofa and spend quality time with my husband, get out and enjoy our lives.

These resolutions encompass a lot more details but basically they all add up to becoming more comfortable in myself and happier in my life.

Ok enough corny, i’m off to move the celebrations so that they stop calling to me…