A Christmas Day At The Office by Matt Dunn

enter site A Christmas Day At The Office by Matt DunnA Christmas Day At The Office by Matt Dunn was advertised on my Kindle Unlimited homepage over the last few weeks (I wonder why?) and as I’d enjoyed the prequel A Day At The Office so much I decided it was definitely worth a whirl. To prep for this I reread the first in the series and you can read my review of this here. Other than that there wasn’t much to do except pop my headphones in and huddle down with my new gryffindor cushion, fluffy dressing gown and a comfy chair.

source url The book is refreshingly familiar to those who have read Matt Dunn’s other works and jumps into the lives of Sophie, Julie, Mia-Rose, Mark, Nathan and Callum – albeit ten months later – without issue. Okay doing my best to avoid spoilers here’s my summary.

We fall back into a familiar rhythm with the secret crushes, trysts and love schemes of our main six characters. Julie and Mark have finally got themselves together, sort of, and life is starting to throw unexpected things at them to test their new relationship and still not quite confirmed feelings for each other. Sophie is single again and on the hunt for love, or at least a relationship and if the two aren’t necessarily exclusive then so be it. Nathan seems to have gotten past his doom and gloom anti love sentiments and although newly single, he isn’t shutting himself away and instead is open to all possibilities whether they be new or old. Callum, my favourite, is as ever as adorably hopeless and clumsy in trying to find a way to have that big conversation with Mia-Rose although he isn’t sure whether she will be happy about it. 

There’s plenty of appropriate cliff hanger moments or almost moments where major plots are about to unwind but in true romcom style they veer off at the last possible moment with comedic and frustrating consequences. For those who love those moments this book will delight you, but if you’re like me and are a much more “oh god just kiss her/dump him/propose/sell him your sister” kind of person there will be lots of indignant huffs and palm slaps to the forehead. All of this my husband finds very amusing about me, but come on why read an escapist book if you aren’t going to escape into their lives completely?

There were a few moments of the book that did frustrate me on another level, the mocking of the minor characters and jokes about weight and looks seemed a lot more cut throat this time around. A bit like the original versus revisit of the Gilmore Girls, it was the same old characters and same old jokes just harsher and it didn’t sit quite right. For example, ‘Eggs’ Benedict had been a joke in the first instalment but this time it seemed to go a bit too far and the jokes about poor Mary and her failed dieting attempts just seemed a bit too personal. But I suppose it could be argued that as the book is written from the characters perspective that it was true to people’s actually thought process? Perhaps the bit that annoyed me the most were the consistent references to Callum and Mia as a “big” couple who would have “big” babies and can’t be missed on the dance floor etc etc.

Overall A Christmas Day At The Office by Mark Dunn was a fun read, a great way to pass a cold December afternoon and one I would definitely pick up again – just like the prequel.


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