Anti-Chafing Shorts

For my recent trip to Vegas I invested in some of The Big Bloomer Company’s Anti-Chafing Shorts. As a larger, curvier girl I average about a size 18/20 and with thighs bigger than a rugby players I often struggle with serious chafing.

In Barbados last year I opted for chafing gel, deodorant, talc powder – anything I could find and it just didn’t work. But this year knowing that going to Vegas is synonymous with sore feet and lots of walking I knew I had to invest in something that would actually work. So I did my research, with the help of Google and some of my favourite plus size bloggers (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Curvy Wordy & Pampers and Curves) I was set to invest in the All Woman Anti Chafing Short Leg Lace Knickers.

Anti-Chafing Shorts
The Big Bloomer Company’s Anti-Chafing Shorts

I liked the look of these shorts as they looked light and cool as well as having the cute lace touch so that if they do show its not so much like you raided your granny’s drawers. I bought the pack of 3 with 2 white and 1 black in a size 18/22 and with lots of updates from the company they arrived promptly. When they arrived I wasn’t disappointed, they fit perfectly with lots of stretch where necessary and not a problem at all on my larger than average thighs. I was all set for Vegas Baby! (Well almost, but more of that later)

When we arrived in Vegas I opted to wear the shorts over my knickers as I knew I had the potential of them needing to last 11 days, I can’t say this came without issue – but before we go any further I need to clarify some information. Whilst in Las Vegas we clocked up between 15,000 and 20,000 steps a day, sometimes more, in usually 28+ degree heat so these little shorts had a lot to deal with. On the days where we walked fewer steps and stayed mainly out of the heat I had absolutely no problem with the shorts, they kept me cool and comfortable. However on the days we were out in the heat and walking I had a couple of problems with the lace rolling up and causing a rub lower down on my thigh where usually there isn’t an issue. This was never a big thing as it was a simple adjustment to pull them down, which anyone who regularly wears tights will be used to doing! My biggest problem came when I wore the shorts with knickers which were not seamless, for example they had a little lace edge or a finishing seam. The combination of the edges of my knickers and the comfortable but snug fit of the shorts meant I had some rubbing around my bum which was occasionally quite uncomfortable, but not unsolvable! Lesson was learnt and from then on I wore seamless knickers without problem.

All in all, the shorts were a bit pricey which put me off at first but I am glad I went ahead and bought them. In the end walking as much as we did without shorts, struggling with gels and powders would have seriously hindered my enjoyment of the holiday and how much I could have taken part in. If you are thinking about purchasing a pair (or 3) I would recommend them highly – just don’t forget your seamless knickers if you are a bootylicious babe like me!

Anti-Chafing Shorts

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