So the stereotype of mums not buying themselves anything and only spending on their kids has definitely been true for me – even before getting pregnant!

Before I got pregnant, or even had a thought of trying for a baby I was bloody dangerous with online shopping. I would shop for anything, shoes, books, bags, jewellery but in particular vintage style clothes. I dread to think how much i’ve spent at places like Lindy Bop and Lady V London over the years! Its for sure a number that would make my husband stop talking to me for a few days whilst considering removing my purse from my handbag!

However, as soon as the broody bug hit me I couldn’t help it! I was obsessed with baby sleep suits, baby socks, baby clothes, baby everything! But nothing for me, I only bought three items of maternity clothes! I was definitely converted from pretty party shoes and dresses to a fully fledged Mothercare addiction!

But now ladies and gents, now I am determined to find some nice clothes – i’ve been living in the same style and set of clothes for years now. Not that i’m complaining i’ve got some lovely stuff, but I need something new!

So i’ve done what every sensible woman would do… Well sort of! I’m on a few lovely groups on Facebook dedicated to vintage style clothes, so of course I asked them and boy did they do me a favour! I’ve not only found out the skinny on the brands I loved before but I have found some absolutely bloody gorgeous new ones!

Obviously, when you are plus size its not as simple as walking into any shop picking something up and trying it on. Even despite the recent increase in plus size fashions its still surprisingly difficult to find something in person. So online is where it is at! Sooo many options and thankfully places like ASOS have now introduced perks like ASOS Premier which includes free delivery and returns. Sadly not everywhere does this, so you have to be careful where you buy from!

I’ve always loved Lindy Bop but in recent years the quality has drastically dropped – plus their armholes are definitely barbie sized! Lady V London is still an addiction with good quality items, fabulous material and brilliant designs. Hell Bunny and Dolly and Dotty have been something I was aware of but never really shopped there, not a bloody clue what I was doing with myself! Also where the hell have Joanie and Popsy been my whole life?! I’ve also treated myself to some more Snag tights, i’ve lived in leggings for years but these tights have totally converted me!

Just one day of deliveries… oops!

So for the last few days I have absolutely attacked the January sales! Thank god for delivery whilst the husband is working because I have well and truly lost the plot… Sadly I am not ready to review any of it yet but hopefully will have lots of pictures and reviews very soon!

2 Replies to “Back on the – shopping – horse”

  1. Joanie clothes look awesome! Wish they went a bit larger!! Will have to take a look at some of those tights. Thanks!

    1. Snag tights are lovely, so comfy, soft and stretchy! I’ve never been comfortable in tights as long as I can remember – Snag are a total revolution I love them!

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