Carrie Fisher - Leia at the beach

I can’t let this one go by without posting something. Today 2016 took the great Carrie Fisher.

I’m not going to go into any detail about her life because others will do that so much better, but I have to say something about the woman who was a big influence on my early life.

As the daughter, sister and wife of nerds and a fully blown geek in my own right Carrie provided a character I couldn’t help but love. She was strong, intelligent, sassy, brave and by god she could kick ass – what more can a girl want to look up to?

Whilst I always loved Disney and have vivid memories of dancing around with a tea towel on my head, Leia Organa was the princess my childhood needed. She inspired me to believe that a woman could do more than just be beautiful, wear a pretty dress and wait to be saved by a man. I mean seriously, Han and Luke couldn’t even rescue her without her help!

Carrie Fisher - Star Wars V

So with that, I am going to retreat to the twitter-sphere and send protective thoughts to all the other greats still going.

2016 you are an utter twat.

RIP Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher - Star Wars 7

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