Assumptions. Make an…

go here This weekend I bit the bullet and joined my local gym, I got a discount due to being a Slimming World member for the gym, swim and classes. But, as I explained to the very nice man – I have no intention of using the gym. I have nothing against them I just personally would rather put nails in my eyes.

buy Lyrica canada What I planned on doing was swimming two mornings a week and doing Pilates at least once a week, I enjoy this. I love swimming and Pilates is exercise which is strangely fun and relaxing. Weird I know?!

see But when I went for my induction there were a lot of assumptions being made. Lots of phrases starting with;

“as a slimming world member you will need to be doing…”

“to lose that weight you need to do…”

“as a woman your size you will obviously want to be doing…”

Now fair enough, here I am joining a gym – in January – on the slimming world membership – they are bound to assume it’s because I want to lose weight and “drop the pounds quick”. And yet, when I explained that actually I’m not here for high intensity, sweaty and painful workouts I am here to do some exercise which I will enjoy and will help me increase my fitness levels. I own two beagles and work in a college with a lot of stairs, I am not unfit although apparently my size 18/20 body told them otherwise – and they said so. (To be honest someone guessing my dress size just added to my frustration!)

The point of all of this is for me to be a happier me! Cheesy cliches are encouraged today! Yea I may be bigger than what is expected of me, but I am finally okay with that. What I want to do is a bit of swimming, giggling in Pilates, improve my current fitness levels and have healthier eating habits. And that’s all- OKAY!?


Colour Therapy

So part of my new change is that I wanted to try and get out of my comfortable rut. My husband and I are very happy but spend a lot of evening completely knackered and passing out on the sofa in front of the TV. Despite two lunatic beagles…

My hubby is now spending half hour every couple of evenings out on his brand new bicycle. What am I doing? I’m colouring.

This may seem really childish but it’s actually really enjoyable and therapeutic. It helps me relax after a stressful day at work. Helps to reanimate me and help me feel more alive rather than passing out under a snuggle blanket. It’s entertaining and after colouring for forty minutes I feel more awake and relaxed than I have all day.

Also. It’s pretty!