5 Mum Hacks

Just a few that I have figured out for myself –

http://mobilevideoplus.net/essential_grid/sitting-at-the-cafe/ Net Laundry Bags – Genius Old Lady Gadget!

http://truecom.com/component/content/37-producten/home/48-contact/component/content/article/47-over-ons/oplossingen/contact/oplossingen/wlan/draadloos/draadloos/over-ons/over-ons 1. Net bags! Ok so bear with me I know this sounds like I’ve lost the plot. But when you’re washing 15 Velcro bibs a day, and god knows how many teeny tiny socks you get really sick of the carnage. The Velcro attached itself to everything and rips clothes apart – no matter how much you stick them together those buggers come undone! The teeny tiny socks, whilst adorable, also seem to wedge themselves into the crevices of the washing machine door and don’t get washed properly. Soooo net bags! Awesome awesome inventions.

http://evalfor.com/section/googlenews Hanging Wardrobe Thingies – What are they actually called?


 2. Wardrobe hanging shelf thingies – mine are from Ikea and I luffs them! Means I can keep all my sons clothes in one easy to organise and reach place. When half asleep, covered in – insert baby bodily fluid here – or in a rush I can easily reach in and grab what I need as it’s all nicely organised and easy to keep up!

3. Gorilla Buckets – I honestly have no idea where my trusty yellow bucket came from but it’s a life saver. Got a poopey onesie that needs soaking? Gorilla bucket! Got a load of toys that need storing? Gorilla bucket! Got a load of washing to hang out but the washing basket is buried under a mountain of clean laundry you’re pretending is invisible? Gorilla bucket! I could go on all day!

Here we find my Gorilla Bucket in its natural habitat!

4. Silicone mats – not the cheapest really but I use them for everything as they are so easy to wipe down, they protect whatever is underneath and seriously good at holding spills! Underneath the prep machine where water was ruining the wooden top. On the high chair for early stages of weaning. Under the dogs food bowls on the carpet. Everything!!
5. Broken or smashed Tupperware – got an old lunchbox where the corner has smashed or a lid chipped or generally got a hole in it? It’s the perfect dummy storage! I found storing them in airtight containers made them a bit smelly. But just keeping them in a tub they attract dust like nothing on earth. The solution? Broken holey non air tight Tupperware!

Silicone Mats – Literally hold everything in place!

Now I’m aware that some of these aren’t necessarily hacks and more boring tips lol but I’m damned proud of myself for figuring these out! Especially with Mum brain!
Have you got any you want to brag about so that I can steal admire?

5 Things I didn’t know about recovery

So there’s lots I could write about the joys of being freshly postpartum. Seriously so much. But I had to pick 5 so here we go!

1. The jaw ache – if you have gas and air then be prepared to live off soup and tea for a few days. I bit that thing so hard I don’t even remember my jaw clamping shut. The day after giving birth oh my god, my whole jaw, lower face and neck were sore as though I’d somehow had a gym workout all for them!

2. The donut cushion – I don’t know why I didn’t think of this but I’m so glad my mum did. As I arrived home in my favourite armchair was placed a brown hideous inflatable donut cushion. Oh how I laughed. Until I tried to sit down without it. Embrace the donut cushion. Even the softest of armchairs are going to put way too much pressure on an area that right now should not have more pressure on it than a passing cloud.

3. The muscle ache – this one was definitely stupid. You literally pushed an 8lb human out of you. It took basically every muscle in your body. You are going to hurt! I didn’t think about that though until the midwife laughed and said “yes dear we call it being hit by a train syndrome” – they were not exaggerating

4. Lack of dignity – now this one I sort of expected after being poked and prodded throughout pregnancy. But literally I had no shame. My mum helped me out of the bath after being sewn up in the hospital and a healthcare assistant came in with some toast to me in all my naked glory. I gave no shits. I just wanted the toast. In the following weeks the midwives who came to check my stitches at home again no shits crack on love!

5. The hormone high – once Home I expected to be exhausted sore and broken, and I was. But then the hormones hit me like a brick wall. I was superwoman! I could look after the baby perfectly and cook tea and do the washing and serve our spring besotted guests tea and biscuits. I could lift and carry and run round all day. This went on for 7 weeks! Then I crashed and boy did I crash. 5 months on and I’m still going to physio to fix the stuff I broke by doing too much. I should have listened, my husband was right (shhh!) and sat the fuck down!

So that’s my 5, may seem obvious and there are far more tips and whatnot I may write about later. But that’s my 5 things I didn’t really know or understand to expect. What