New Years Resolutions

I don’t normally make New Years Resolutions as I know that they will be out of the window by midday on the 3rd January, maybe the 5th if I am feeling saintly…

But this year I have decided to make a change for several reasons, so my resolutions are –

  1. To change my eating habits; my goal is to lose weight to become more comfortable with my body, not because I am too fat and unhappy. I have joined Slimmng World where I will be changing how I eat, not cutting out and becoming a coconut water addict, but focussing on eating healthier and better foods for me.
  2. I am aiming to become more active, walk the dogs a little bit further and start using my dusty treadmill a little more often.
  3. To make more of an effort to get up off the sofa and spend quality time with my husband, get out and enjoy our lives.

These resolutions encompass a lot more details but basically they all add up to becoming more comfortable in myself and happier in my life.

Ok enough corny, i’m off to move the celebrations so that they stop calling to me…

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