Christmas Tree Undecorated

Here is my question for today – when do you take your Christmas Tree down? This includes those with fake trees and real trees!

Traditionally Christmas finishes on the 6th January and this is when trees Christmas Tree Lightsusually come down, well at least as far as I’m aware. This is also the day that traditionally my husband and myself take ours down, but I am starting to realise this isn’t the norm.

My Mum for example? If she had a choice her tree would be down Boxing Day morning. Seriously by the end of Christmas Day you can see her twitching and ready to get “tidying”, as it is we only manage to hold her off until around the 28th at the latest and this is a woman who loves Christmas. She usually has her tree up by the last weekend in November!

Christmas Tree BaublesOn Instagram and Twitter as well the last few days I have taken note of the number of people who have already taken down their tree. BEFORE NEW YEARS EVE! What the hell dudes? I mean come on, I thought my mum was odd and alone in the tidy tidy tidy brigade – but is she really?

Personally I’m not crazy on Christmas, but I love having my tree and decorations up until at least the days after New Years and ideally take it down on the 6th. This year I am a little bit gutted as we have friends coming to stay and it will have to come down sooner so we can get all the paraphernalia out of the spare room and back in the attic.

But I will miss my tree and my fairy lights, they make my house so pretty!

Christmas Tree Stages

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