The painful painful joy…

The moment a friend calls, messages or arranges to see you and then goes on to present you with that grainy black and white blurry image, the first picture of their soon-to-be bundle of joy. Oh it is lovely, heart warming and exciting isn’t it?

That is, unless, you are on the trying to conceive journey yourself.

Then your heart starts to sink, your throat starts to tighten and the corners of your eyes to start prick. Your head is going into overdrive, trying to calm yourself down, present a strong front, don’t cave, be a grown up.

Then it is just straight painful, in more ways than one.

First, there is the selfish kick that takes over you, the jealousy that they got the thing that you want the most. Their hopes and dreams had been answered, but yours haven’t. This feeling is almost overpowering as it engulfs you that the thing that you have been hoping, trying and praying for has come to someone else.

Secondly, you feel like a horrible person as instead of being excited for your friend and loved one you have jumped straight to thinking about yourself. When actually, you are very happy for your friend, that they have now got the chance to embark on such fantastic journey and welcome a new little person into their lives.

You want to go through this journey with them and enjoy each minute. You want to look at little socks and scratch mitts with them without breaking down inside wishing it was you and not them. So what do you do? Do you tell them? Do you bottle it up inside? I suppose the answers to these totally depend on who the person is to you.

The alternative is of course, when it isn’t a grainy blurry photo but instead a teary phone call or a white face at the door asking for help and advice. Then of course, you really do have to pull yourself together and support your friend through their feelings and decisions, because right now what you want and what you think doesn’t matter. That’s the way it should be, because as painful as it is for you talking about this; getting pregnant is a personal thing and you can’t pin your hopes, dreams and feelings on other people’s experiences.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write this post is just to show that you are not alone and it is totally normal to feel these things. When you are trying for your own child, no matter how long you have been trying, it is always difficult to deal with the totally messed up mash of emotions when a friend or family member tells you that they are expecting. The best way I have found of coping in these situations is to let myself wallow for a small period of time, assuming that the person hasn’t told me face to face I can have five minutes to cry it out, or sulk like a proper grown up. If the husband is feeling particularly loving I might get a hug and a consoling pat, as a Yorkshire man that’s about as effusive as he gets. Then I log onto MumsnetMumsnet or Babycentre and talk to some of the longterm groups I am on, or just have a nosy at other people’s posts and stories and this helps me feel a bit more normal, reminds me that other people feel like this. Then I focus on the positive, my friend/family member is soon going to be welcoming a squishy little bundle that I can coo over and spoil.


Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Mrs Dalloway is a book that I have started, put down and started and put down a thousand times. After graduating with a degree in English I am not quite sure how I managed not to read it until now but, now that I have ill have a go at reviewing it.

Mrs Dalloway Cover Image

So just to start with, here is a quick summary from my Wordsworth Classics copy –

Virginia Woolf’s singular technique in Mrs Dalloway heralds a break with the traditional novel form and reflects a genuine humanity and a concern with the experiences that both enrich and stultify existence. Society hostess, Clarissa Dalloway is giving a party.

Her thoughts and sensations on that one day, and the interior monologues of others whose lives are interwoven with hers gradually reveal the characters of the central protagonists. Clarissa’s life is touched by tragedy as the events in her day run parallel to those of Septimus Warren Smith, whose madness escalates as his life draws towards inevitable suicide.

I did find the book a little difficult to get into at first and so had to return to some advice my mum gave me as a kid when I started reading Lord of the Rings at aged nine. “If a passage confuses you, read it twice and then move on – if its important it’ll slot in, if it’s not it won’t matter.” It was the best advice I was ever given for tackling new texts. This was a tactic I had to employ a lot with Virginia Woolf’s novel, not because the text was necessarily difficult but because of how it was written. Mrs Dalloway is written from the point of view of each of the characters switching from one to the other in a stream of consciousness style. This can make it difficult to get into when reading it, however once you have settled in to the style you are transported and are well and truly in the minds of Woolf’s characters. A true form of escapism into someone else’s world.

The imagery throughout is beautiful, taking you into little corners of London and showing it in ways you had never thought of before. The writing really truly does draw you in to the world and time of Mrs Dalloway and her contemporaries. You see the world from their point of view, through their memories and personalities, from Septimus’ depressive and manic states to Hugh’s ambition and pompousness.

I have to say, although I found the book difficult at first as a reader who enjoys chapters and structure (even though I write more like Woolf) I became inevitably sucked into this world. I enjoyed learning more about the characters, their pasts and the way this influenced how they see their lives and the world around them. I’m going to leave the academic reviews and insights into the meanings and interpretations of Woolf’s texts and characters to those much cleverer than me. Overall it was a fascinating way to travel London in the summer of 1922 and I would recommend this book.

British Book Challenge 2017


Personal Reading Challenge 2017

Personal Reading Challenge 2017

For 2017 I have set myself a personal challenge to read a book a week or 52 books before the end of the year!

British Book Challenge 2017

This is also linked in with me taking part in the British Book Challenge 2017. Which is being hosted by Chelley Toy at Tales of Yesterday Book Blog.

Tales of Yesterday

In this post i am going to link to each of the 52 books i have read and reviewed, another way to make sure i do it!!!

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Well meant trying to conceive “help” and “advice”

As most people can attest, when trying to conceive, when you are pregnant and when you have kids is a joyous time. Your closest friends and family, work colleagues and even strangers on the bus will share their experience and know how with you – whether you want them to or not.

Have you tried? yep

We have not told many people that we are trying, however there are a few people in each of my social circles who have either figured it out or who I have confided in that we are hoping for our own little bundle of joy. In doing this I have learnt a lot about my friends and their hidden, secret selves, the secret selves who have a doctorate in fertility specialisms, who know everything about everything and you must listen to what they say and follow it to the letter! Or god help you as you will never be blessed with a child.

I’m sure you all know just what I mean… and have experienced just this!

Most people are happy and excited for you and as such eager to help see you on your way, others lean more toward the smug-I-know-better-look-at-me-and-my-perfect-kids end of the spectrum. (Can you tell I’m losing patience?) Angry OvarySome of the gems I’ve received have been hilarious! From advice on positions, technique, products to *ahem* enhance, diet, weight , personality types, drugs, even the fact that owning dogs makes your eggs shrink!

Some of the advice has been genuinely helpful, reassurance and relatable experience, however to my dismay most of it has been prescriptive and judgemental. The assessment of myself and my husbands every move, weights, dispositions, diets and general attitude to life. And this is help and advice which is not welcome, not helpful and just downright rude. 

But perhaps the most painful has been the criticism of how I am coping personally. As a type A organised personality I like to know what is happening when, organise it, plan it, prepare for it and god no surprises. But I know, trust me I know, that this is not possible when trying to conceive as it just doesn’t work like that. However, I am coping by understanding, reading, researching and tracking things, this is what helps me sleep at night and not stress all day. It’s great if relaxing and just enjoying a whole load of Russel Brand style sex helped you, honestly it is and way to go girl.  But please, don’t tell me off or make me do it your way and I won’t make you do it my way.


So, I say this with respect and gratitude, and probably for couples everywhere, I appreciate that you are excited for us and hopeful and want to help. But unless I ask? Please don’t give me advice or tell me the way that I am coping is wrong, I’m coping and getting on with my life and that takes strength every day of this journey.

(Also I solemnly swear that when I’m a smug-I-know-better-look-at-me-and-my-perfect-kids you have permission to shove a sock in my gob!)


Paris Lady 50 Denier Plus Size Tights

The Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights from The Big Tights Company are what I’m shouting about today. And shout I shall because they are amazing plus size tights!

I am already a big fan of The Big Tights Company, after reading about them on Georgina Horne’s blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust I had to try them out. As a woman with a sizeable arse and thighs that could crush melons I really struggle to find tights, plus size or not, that will cover my hams and as such end up living in leggings. I love my vintage dresses and they really demand some silky nylons, but with these legs that seemed hopeless until I found TBTC and these fantastic plus size tights.

 Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights - my new favourite plus size tights

Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights worn by the lovely George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

I bought their All Woman 180 Denier Tights first as I was intrigued by the style and their full coverage was just what I needed in winter and I was hooked from there. I have also bought their All Woman anti chafing knickers with lace for our honeymoon in Barbados, you can read my review of them here. There are now a number of their items on my wish list and not just their plus size tights!

Now, to the task at hand! The Paris plus size tights were bought to accompany a slinky off the shoulder number for a night out in Manchester this month. I’d read the reviews and was sure that, although a bit pricey at £16.95 each these were the tights for the occasion. I opted for black out of the three choices of black, deep pink and deep purple and they arrived promptly and with no issues.

At first glance they are no different to the tights you can get in M&S and I admit I was worried that they were not going to fit as they didn’t seem to have much stretch on my hand. But they went on with ease, well as much as you can get putting on a pair of tights. I am 5’5″ and around a size 20, with most of that focussing on my hips and thighs so I always struggle when I get past my knee; but in these beauties there was not one moment of panic. Loads of elasticity and enough body in them to cover my bust if I wanted, but they held their shape and had no baggyness in them whatsoever. Most importantly no signs of being too fragile, normally I put my badly manicured nails through anything but not these tights. I was able to shove and twist and pull and shimmy and pretty much be as ungainly as if I was putting them on my rugby playing husband without an ounce of worry about them ripping or laddering.

My legs looked shapely and slinky in them, no signs of elephant style sagging. The denier was good, not too opaque or see through and gave me a good vintage style look to match my outfit.

In wearing them for a full day and night they were comfy, lots of give, no chafing or awkward positioning. The only thing that I found a bit difficult was pulling the gusset into place under layers of petticoats after nipping to the loo, but I think that was more me and the prosecco than the tights.

So, all in all I am still a massive fan of the The Big Tights Company and really recommend their products. I just wish their pricing was a bit more suited to a tighter income, but that isn’t going to stop me shopping there – after all the first pair of tights I bought from them are a year old and still going strong!

The Big Tights Company - Purveyors of my favourite plus size tights


How/Why Do I Track Body Basal Temperature (BBT)?

DISCLAIMER – I think it’s really important that I put this at the top. I am not a doctor, I do not have any medical training and everything in this post is purely anecdotal from my own experience and things I have researched myself. 

Okay, still here? Good. Well as you know we are trying to conceive our first at the moment and have been trying for around 7/8 months now and its kind of passed the exciting stage and is now more in the difficult “why the hell isn’t it happening?!” stage… With that in mind I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learnt along the way as they may help someone else and today I am focussing on charting body basal temperatures, BBT or temping for those who are used to the short hand.

I started off all excited and eager and to help pay into my need to understand I threw myself into researching what happens when you are trying to conceive. In particular I was shocked about how little I knew about how my own body worked and wanted to know more about this and how I could track what it was doing each cycle. Temping was one of the first things I started to do because it was cheap and easy and it helped to feed into my need to control know what is going on. So here goes with my explanation on how to help you get started and what you can learn.

The Thermometer

Firstly get yourself a good little BBT thermometer and you do not need to spend a fortune, you actually get them pretty cheap. This is the one I bought, click here for the link.

BBT Thermometer

I like this one as it is pretty handy, it holds the record of your temperature until you take the next one. This is a handy little feature as it gets difficult to read it at stupid o clock in the morning each day, this will make more sense in a minute. It has a very easy to use large on/off button, helpful for half asleep movements, and has a little beep when it is turned on, when it has finished taking a reading and when it is turned off. It also comes in a handy little clear plastic clippy box which helps to keep it clean and stop me losing it between my pillows.

Something important to check is do you use celsius or farenheit? Make sure that you get the thermometer with the correct read out or one that comes with options. Personally I use celsius just because farenheit is total gobbledegook to me.

Right, so, have you got your handy little thermometer? Now to get started. There are lots of good websites out there to help you guide you through things a bit better than I can but here is my layman’s description.

When do I do it? (ooh err)

So the not fun thing about temping is that it must be done at the same time every day after at least 3/4 hours sleep. It also must be done before you move, sit up, talk, have a scratch, take a piss or jump on the bed like a child to wake up your husband – I know totally unreasonable isn’t it. This to me is the worst bit because I usually wake up at different times throughout the week and kept forgetting to sit like sleeping beauty with the thermometer sticking out of my gob. So! I have an alarm set every morning with a different tune to my normal alarm, it is also at least half an hour before I have to wake up on my earliest morning. At first this was a total ballache but now ive gotten into a routine – alarm goes off – turn thermometer on – stick thermometer in gob – wait for the beep to signify it is finished – turn it off and put it back in its box – go back to sleep for as long as possible – then when I finally wake up I can turn my light on and read my temp in my own time.

I know everyone has their own morning routines and I tried for a while to avoid the earlier alarm as I hated it, but I just kept forgetting and in the end it was the best option for me.

Why can’t I do it when I visit the loo when I get up?

Well some people do and it works fine, however in my experience and from what I’ve read this isn’t the most reliable way to do this. When I tried doing mine in the loo after waking up my temps were all over the place and it wasn’t at a consistent time every day which only made things harder. Medically speaking moving or talking in any fashion will change your bbt, this is why it is so important to do it after a long rest period and before moving, Also going from a nice snuggly bed to a cold bathroom will inevitably affect your temperature.

Why does it need to be the same time every day?

Honestly? I don’t know, I probably have read it but that bit of information hasn’t stuck in my head. But what I can tell you from experience is that if you don’t stick to the same time each day it really does mess with your chart. If you work shifts there are some really good websites out there with better advice than I can give. But if you are just like me and hate alarms and morning in general this is one of those things you will have to suck up if you decide to temp.

Right so I’ve not moved and I’ve done it at the same time each morning, now what?

Okay, this is where it starts to get interesting and help you see what is going on. Firstly decide how you want to track your temperature; you can do this on paper with downloadable and printable charts like this one.


Or you can use an app on your tablet or smart phone to record your temperatures. Because the key thing is that you should record them and plot them out on a graph, this is where you will start to understand what is going on and how your own cycle works. I’ve used the babycentre, Ovia and Fertility Friend apps on my phone and settled with FF just because it suited my needs best but there are lots of options out there so find one which suits you best.

When it comes to tracking your temp you can be as involved or stand offish as you like. Most apps/graphs will give you an opportunity to record other things as well; such as any symptoms, cervical mucus or cervix position, when you’ve had sex, when you’ve had your period, any tests you’ve taken. But these are all things for another post! But do have a look around and see what your options are.

Okay, I’ve taken my temp, plotted it on my graph/app now what?

Now you wait and see what happens, your temperature will tell you quite a bit about where you are up to in your cycle. Here is the basic guide to what it will usually do.

For the first half of the month your temp will generally be low, in celsius terms it usually ranges from 36.00 to 36.40 depending on the individual but it can go up and down.

During ovulation your temperature will drop significantly and be followed by a quick rise that will continue to rise and stay high for the rest of the month. Usually your temp drop has to be followed by three days of higher temperatures to be confirmed as ovulation. 

After ovulation your temperatures will stay high until you get your period or confirmation that you are pregnant. If the former happens your temperature will plummet to the pre-ovulation temps around the first day of your period, if the latter happens your temp will stay high or even continue to rise. This after ovulation, pre-period time is often referred to as the two week window/wait or more medically correct as the Luteal Phase.

I have included my chart from my first month of temping properly, as you can see it stayed high and I stopped temping on day 32 – this is the day I got a bfp (big fat positive pregnancy test) but unfortunately I had an early miscarriage and started temping again in August. It is however my most “typical” chart. You can see I had ovulated on day 15 and my last temperature was taken on the day I got my bfp and so stopped temping for that month. 

My July Temp Chart

And just for you to compare below is my chart from November, test yourself see if you can figure out when I ovulated etc.

My BBT Chart Nov

Now I am conscious that this post is getting really long so please do bugger off whenever you feel like it! I just want to clarify a last few bits that I asked all the time when I first started –

What are the red horizontal and vertical lines on everyones charts?

These are the cover/base line and the ovulation mark respectively. The horizontal line is called the cover line and is based on your typical pre-ovulation temperature, this is used to help you confirm ovulation and track your post-ovulation temps and predict if your period is on its way. The vertical line is to show the differentiation between the first and second half of your cycle clearly.

The important things about these two lines are that every app produces them in a slightly different way with slightly different meanings, IE. dotted lines/dashed lines/solid lines mean different things so it is important to check which yours uses and what the different meanings are.

My temperature fluctuates a lot either above/below the line pre ovulation, is this a bad thing?

Nope, it is pretty normal for most women. As you see in my chart this happens quite regularly. Now if your temperatures are massively rocky up and down, despite following all the instructions on how to take your temp properly and this is consistent each month it could be something to ask your nurse practitioner or GP about. Certain medications can cause this, as well as conditions like PCOS – but like I said I AM NOT A DOCTOR so please don’t freak out or panic – it is always best to ask a professional.

Can I confirm I am pregnant through taking my bbt?

NO! Any site that says otherwise is lying to you. The only way to get a positive confirmation is with a test. Unfortunately. If you are in the tww and desperately looking for answers, I feel your pain but step away from the pee stick and the thermometer and go do something to keep yourself busy! Unfortunately temps can stay high until the day of your period and there is just no way to be sure so do not count on them!

This is genuinely just my take on temping and why I find it useful, this journey is a long, complicated, difficult and exciting one with lots of ups and downs. The most important thing is to try to stay as healthy as you can. I don’t mean physically here, I mean emotionally and mentally; I am one of those people who needs to know and understand all the time to help me cope and so temping is a great option for me. However, if you stress and obsess and worry maybe you should step away and find another way to distract yourself because it can become very easy to pin everything on that little digital read out every morning and have your world come crashing down when it isn’t what you expected or things happen that you weren’t expecting.

Also and I mean this seriously, get yourself on one (or several) of the great ttc forums out there – mumsnet, netmums, babycentre etc etc the advice, comradery and support you receive there will generally be the best you can get.

Right, I think that is everything I can think of but if you have any questions please do leave me a comment or go look at some of the great advice out there from proper advice websites.


Oh Christmas Tree, you’re leaves are such a pain to pack…

Christmas Tree Undecorated

Here is my question for today – when do you take your Christmas Tree down? This includes those with fake trees and real trees!

Traditionally Christmas finishes on the 6th January and this is when trees Christmas Tree Lightsusually come down, well at least as far as I’m aware. This is also the day that traditionally my husband and myself take ours down, but I am starting to realise this isn’t the norm.

My Mum for example? If she had a choice her tree would be down Boxing Day morning. Seriously by the end of Christmas Day you can see her twitching and ready to get “tidying”, as it is we only manage to hold her off until around the 28th at the latest and this is a woman who loves Christmas. She usually has her tree up by the last weekend in November!

Christmas Tree BaublesOn Instagram and Twitter as well the last few days I have taken note of the number of people who have already taken down their tree. BEFORE NEW YEARS EVE! What the hell dudes? I mean come on, I thought my mum was odd and alone in the tidy tidy tidy brigade – but is she really?

Personally I’m not crazy on Christmas, but I love having my tree and decorations up until at least the days after New Years and ideally take it down on the 6th. This year I am a little bit gutted as we have friends coming to stay and it will have to come down sooner so we can get all the paraphernalia out of the spare room and back in the attic.

But I will miss my tree and my fairy lights, they make my house so pretty!

Christmas Tree Stages


New Years Resolutions?

Last year I wrote a post about my new years resolutions, to get healthy not thin, this is still sort of the plan but less of a dedication and more of a general way of life. This year I’m not really sure if I want to make a resolution, or if I did what should it be?

Getting healthy was all part of my excited, looking forward, eager to get started and become a Mum kick. A year on a bit of that has faded, who am I kidding? A lot of that has faded. I think everyone goes into the process of trying to conceive eager and a little bit blind to reality. The number of times I exclaimed “I know it could take a while and there might be issues, but I’m ready for that” and I honestly thought I was. I thought I was prepared and ready for all that it had to throw at me. Boy was I wrong. So SO wrong.

The emotions of this process are inevitably exaggerated by the associated hormones, as well as the undeniable longing for this something. Most people don’t tend to have any problems when conceiving, even if it does take time, so in theory it is pretty much guaranteed when you start trying. So why is it not easier to achieve? Why is there not more research? Why do I only have a 1 in 5 chance of getting pregnant each month – even when I do everything right? Even when I follow my new years resolutions and behave and be healthy and follow all the tips. I don’t know and neither does my doctor, it’s just life, it’ll happen, just relax and enjoy it…

Trying not to sound like I’m on a downer is difficult when reality sets in, because I am still positive and keeping my head up and excited about what the possibilities are each month. But it is undeniably a shit process and generally makes you feel shit at least once a month, no matter how proactive you are and how much positive thinking you do.

With all this in mind I think instead of focussing on new years resolutions, what I am going to do instead is focus on the way I think and act. I’m not going to let the “LOSE weight”, “only eat salads”, “no sugar diet”, “become ‘healthy'” police bully me into a resolution I don’t want. This will be an effort in and of itself working in education, if you have ever worked in education you will understand the madness that takes hold every January.

So what I will do?

British Book Challenge 2017

Well I will focus more on doing things that make me happy like reading, a lot. This is why I have signed up to the British Book Challenge 2017 and have a lovely great big stack of books ready to get stuck into. This will also help to keep me distracted – even in the dreaded two week wait! I have also set myself a personal goal of aiming for 52 books read by this time next year.

I will also blog more, writing is something I’ve always enjoyed even if I’m not very good at it! This will also hopefully help me improve my confidence levels as I focus not only on book reviews but clothing reviews as well. This will mean *gulp* photos of me on the tinterweb for all sorts of people to gawp at and recoil in horror, well I hope not but you get the picture.

THINK POSITIVE AND RELAX. Ugh just writing that I can feel my blood pressure rise, but its a good thing to commit to I suppose. Not so much in that it will “help” us get pregnant, more that it will help me to deal with disappointments and the down days.

So with those sort of new years resolutions and as I technically still have one day of 2016 left, what to do? I know! Amazon book sales…


A Christmas Day At The Office by Matt Dunn

A Christmas Day At The Office by Matt DunnA Christmas Day At The Office by Matt Dunn was advertised on my Kindle Unlimited homepage over the last few weeks (I wonder why?) and as I’d enjoyed the prequel A Day At The Office so much I decided it was definitely worth a whirl. To prep for this I reread the first in the series and you can read my review of this here. Other than that there wasn’t much to do except pop my headphones in and huddle down with my new gryffindor cushion, fluffy dressing gown and a comfy chair.

The book is refreshingly familiar to those who have read Matt Dunn’s other works and jumps into the lives of Sophie, Julie, Mia-Rose, Mark, Nathan and Callum – albeit ten months later – without issue. Okay doing my best to avoid spoilers here’s my summary.

We fall back into a familiar rhythm with the secret crushes, trysts and love schemes of our main six characters. Julie and Mark have finally got themselves together, sort of, and life is starting to throw unexpected things at them to test their new relationship and still not quite confirmed feelings for each other. Sophie is single again and on the hunt for love, or at least a relationship and if the two aren’t necessarily exclusive then so be it. Nathan seems to have gotten past his doom and gloom anti love sentiments and although newly single, he isn’t shutting himself away and instead is open to all possibilities whether they be new or old. Callum, my favourite, is as ever as adorably hopeless and clumsy in trying to find a way to have that big conversation with Mia-Rose although he isn’t sure whether she will be happy about it. 

There’s plenty of appropriate cliff hanger moments or almost moments where major plots are about to unwind but in true romcom style they veer off at the last possible moment with comedic and frustrating consequences. For those who love those moments this book will delight you, but if you’re like me and are a much more “oh god just kiss her/dump him/propose/sell him your sister” kind of person there will be lots of indignant huffs and palm slaps to the forehead. All of this my husband finds very amusing about me, but come on why read an escapist book if you aren’t going to escape into their lives completely?

There were a few moments of the book that did frustrate me on another level, the mocking of the minor characters and jokes about weight and looks seemed a lot more cut throat this time around. A bit like the original versus revisit of the Gilmore Girls, it was the same old characters and same old jokes just harsher and it didn’t sit quite right. For example, ‘Eggs’ Benedict had been a joke in the first instalment but this time it seemed to go a bit too far and the jokes about poor Mary and her failed dieting attempts just seemed a bit too personal. But I suppose it could be argued that as the book is written from the characters perspective that it was true to people’s actually thought process? Perhaps the bit that annoyed me the most were the consistent references to Callum and Mia as a “big” couple who would have “big” babies and can’t be missed on the dance floor etc etc.

Overall A Christmas Day At The Office by Mark Dunn was a fun read, a great way to pass a cold December afternoon and one I would definitely pick up again – just like the prequel.


A Day At The Office – Matt Dunn

A Day At The Office

I read A Day At The Office by Matt Dunn a while ago and after seeing its sequel A Christmas Day At The Office available online and I decided to read it again; I’m glad that I did. It’s not often these days I indulge in a feel good rom com, but this is a good choice if you fancy something that isn’t too sickly sweet and has a good range of characters. An easy way to explain this book is a literary version of the Love Actually format, several characters with their own story lines and all linked together in some twee fashion – in this case they all work together!

So we have Sophie, Julie, Mia-Rose, Callum, Nathan and Mark all just trying to survive Valentines Day and all the corny crap that comes with it. We find out about Julie and Mark’s secret hook up at the works Christmas do, Sophie’s crush on Nathan and her plans to woo him, Callum’s date with the mysterious Emma, oh and of course all of their messed up pasts and how these effect their ongoing love lives.

In some of these rom-com style books you can get a bit fed up of the characters and the twee-ness of the way in which they interact and yet in Mark Dunn’s book A Day At The Office the characters are likeable, realistic and amusing. It’s easy to read and to relate to, no out of the ordinary (ish) stunts and no completely unbelievable love story endings. The writing is clever and to the point, not too flowery and yet it still manages to get some beautiful imagery and descriptions across. My favourite parts being following Julie on her runs across familiar parts of London and Callum’s antics in prepping for his mystery date.

The story has enough suspense in it to keep you interested and curious about the characters fate, even enough for this rom-com cynic is still wanting to read the sequel and see what happened afterwards. Overall I would definitely recommend this as a nice Sunday afternoon, bath time or holiday read or even maybe something more if you fancy an alternative to the crap on TV (which is likely if you are anything like me). Go get it, crack it open and enjoy – I’m off to start A Christmas Day At The Office.