Paris Lady 50 Denier Plus Size Tights

The Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights from The Big Tights Company are what I’m shouting about today. And shout I shall because they are amazing plus size tights!

I am already a big fan of The Big Tights Company, after reading about them on Georgina Horne’s blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust I had to try them out. As a woman with a sizeable arse and thighs that could crush melons I really struggle to find tights, plus size or not, that will cover my hams and as such end up living in leggings. I love my vintage dresses and they really demand some silky nylons, but with these legs that seemed hopeless until I found TBTC and these fantastic plus size tights.

 Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights - my new favourite plus size tights
Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights worn by the lovely George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

I bought their All Woman 180 Denier Tights first as I was intrigued by the style and their full coverage was just what I needed in winter and I was hooked from there. I have also bought their All Woman anti chafing knickers with lace for our honeymoon in Barbados, you can read my review of them here. There are now a number of their items on my wish list and not just their plus size tights!

Now, to the task at hand! The Paris plus size tights were bought to accompany a slinky off the shoulder number for a night out in Manchester this month. I’d read the reviews and was sure that, although a bit pricey at £16.95 each these were the tights for the occasion. I opted for black out of the three choices of black, deep pink and deep purple and they arrived promptly and with no issues.

At first glance they are no different to the tights you can get in M&S and I admit I was worried that they were not going to fit as they didn’t seem to have much stretch on my hand. But they went on with ease, well as much as you can get putting on a pair of tights. I am 5’5″ and around a size 20, with most of that focussing on my hips and thighs so I always struggle when I get past my knee; but in these beauties there was not one moment of panic. Loads of elasticity and enough body in them to cover my bust if I wanted, but they held their shape and had no baggyness in them whatsoever. Most importantly no signs of being too fragile, normally I put my badly manicured nails through anything but not these tights. I was able to shove and twist and pull and shimmy and pretty much be as ungainly as if I was putting them on my rugby playing husband without an ounce of worry about them ripping or laddering.

My legs looked shapely and slinky in them, no signs of elephant style sagging. The denier was good, not too opaque or see through and gave me a good vintage style look to match my outfit.

In wearing them for a full day and night they were comfy, lots of give, no chafing or awkward positioning. The only thing that I found a bit difficult was pulling the gusset into place under layers of petticoats after nipping to the loo, but I think that was more me and the prosecco than the tights.

So, all in all I am still a massive fan of the The Big Tights Company and really recommend their products. I just wish their pricing was a bit more suited to a tighter income, but that isn’t going to stop me shopping there – after all the first pair of tights I bought from them are a year old and still going strong!

The Big Tights Company - Purveyors of my favourite plus size tights

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