Starting the journey…

So today was a definite turning point in my life. My husband and I have been discussing for a long time when it is best to start a family and we have finally come to that time!

Soo eeek lots of cheesy metaphors etc!

Today was the day I decided to really get started, I have been trying to get booked in to the doctors to discuss having my contraceptive implant removed so that we could move forward. But I swear its like the whole world was trying to stop me! (Maybe I’m destined to give birth to some kind of evil spawn who will destroy the earth) Anyway, my GP had literally no appointments, not this week, not next week, not next month. Never! NADA! NO MORE APPOINTMENTS! So I contacted my local sexual health, family planning clinic. They were closed until later on, so I waited patiently and called when they were opened. Nope the number had changed please try this other number. GRRRRR. I ring the next number and guess what!?

“Our phones are currently being updated, we are not sure when we will be available please call back later”

I mean seriously? How difficult are you going to make this? And I know if I think this is difficult I’m in for a big shock, but still very frustrating.

I decided to take it into my own hands, so off I popped to my local sexual health clinic and registered for the drop-in appointment. This is where it started to get scary, as I had gone after work by myself I suddenly clicked – this is the next step into my future. A big scary but exciting future! So I started to frantically message my husband asking him to please calm me down and tell me that this is what we wanted. And yes I was going to have a lovely bruise but it will be worth it when we get to get started on the next addition our family. (Two beautiful beagle boys don’t forget!)

Just in time for me to be all psyched up and ready for it the doctor calls me in, we go through my information and why I am there and then I click. This is just the pre-appointment. I need to attend another appointment to have my sticky implant actually taken out. I should know this right!?

Oh well, so I now have the appointment for two weeks away and I am pretty excited! I have joined Mumsnet Forum and I am getting loads of tips and advice, researched books such as “Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies” for my caveman other half and now just need to find a way to try and stay calm and relaxed…

That’ll be easy enough right?

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