The Buried Giant

Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant is a masterpiece, literally that is all I can describe it as. (Short blog post surely? Sorry sadly not…)

I picked this book up from the airport in Las Vegas as a throwaway to read on the plane, since then I have taken my time and savoured every single page. Trying to describe this book to friends is extremely difficult but I will do my best!

The book follows an elderly couple named Beatrice and Axl as they embark on the journey of their lifetime. The story begins in their village where there are a few odd goings on that set the stage for the rest of the book, no spoilers sorry! But very quickly you become attached to our two main characters, their love for each other and quiet brilliance make them eternally appealing.

As we prepare to follow Axl and Beatrice through their journey be prepared for the disturbing (skinned rabbits, thats all I am saying), the fantastical (ogres and dragons), the emotional (memories, memories and more memories) and finally just plain scary (the monks!). Trying to explain this story you start to come across as a bit crazy –

“It’s like a mythical briton/saxon/post-Arthur Britain where you follow this old couple on adventures but not quite adventures, really emotional journeys, but funny and beautiful and just wow.”

Yeah don’t you really want to read it now!?

This is why this book is a masterpiece; the story is surprising and emotive, the characters deep and engaging, the writing clever and just plain impressive. This is the kind of book that in 15 years will be studied in schools and colleges, not because its boring and ticks boxes but because it is a masterpiece – there is so much to learn and read and see!

In short, this book is a must read no matter what genre is your favourite – just buy it and add it to the “must read” pile now. Seriously. Trust me.

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