The Mothers

Quick disclosure – I love my mum and always will – I also have huge amounts of respect for all mothers.

But in the last few months I am coming to realise that a mother’s worries often spill out to well meaning moaning and nagging with a side of guilt. On a colossal scale.

My own well meaning and moaning mother is a woman I greatly admire, she raised three kids and has been through more than anyone should rightly have to. However, my well meaning and moaning mother has taken it upon herself to worry about my weight and health. Resulting in almost constant contact in one way or another.

As such we have now joined Slimming World together so that I can try to convince her to calm the F down!

My reasons for bringing in the new year with a change are multiple and I will be expanding on these over the next few months, however for the case of this post we will focus on the mother’s influence.

The relentless bombardment via text messaging, Facebook, Whatsapp, calling me and good old fashioned turning up at your house to nag means that it was just easier to shut her up and go along with what she wanted.

However, in the two days that we have no been on the Slimming World plan I have dutifully stuck to my task whilst she has been enjoying all sorts of sins. Thats sins not syns, to counter the latter we would probably be in the hundreds!

Anyway, I will not complain anymore about my mum as she is after all helping me to achieve one of my goals – even if she is raising my blood pressure to a dangerous level.

Speaking of mothers, the mother-in-law was on the phone this morning convincing my once sporty husband to buy a bicycle he will probably never use… His calm demeanour that has been talking me down after every contact from my mother completely evaporated. He has no intention of using a bicycle – he hasn’t reached the wonderful and saintly acceptance of change that I have yet.

And yet now after a good twenty minutes of well meaning moaning he is discussing bike pumps over Skype and I have no doubt that in another twenty minutes I will be measuring his odd shaped head for a pretty blue batman helmet…


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