I have been lusting after a tulle skirt for as long as I can remember, when they became fashionable it was almost like a constant ache that I did not own one. Well maybe not that dramatic, but come on what little girl who loved to twirl doesn’t want a tulle skirt now as a grown adult? Exactly.

As a lover of all things pouffy and vintagey and a complete Lindy Bop and Lady V London addict, I own more than my fair share of 50s style dresses and petticoats. In fact the bridesmaids at my weddings wore Audrey style dresses, coloured sashes and big, bright and beautiful coloured petticoats. So, it is a little bit painful when I think about how long I have gone without my very own tulle skirt.

But the pain does not continue any further, I now own my very own beautiful ASOS blue tulle skirt and it is beautiful. After the husband allowed (pfft) me to spend my Christmas bonus on myself I invested in the ASOS CURVE Tulle Prom Skirt With Multi Layers and gleefully waited its arrival. Thanks to ASOS Premier Delivery this was next day delivery, I seriously don’t know how people cope without it when ordering from ASOS.

The skirt met all my hopes perfectly, it is pouffy enough to give it some drama and yet not as big as my petticoats which I was a bit worried about. It is a bit darker in person that it is in the photo on ASOS, but its a deep and rich blue that really will go with anything. It has two top tulle layers, a silky under layer, a further tulle/net layer and a final underskirt. It has a simple zip and hook and eye fastening at the back which hide away easily. Very comfy and easy to wear! No itching from the tulle and my god it twirls amazingly! You also get that fun thing of it fanning out behind you as you walk downstairs.

Look at the glory!

The reasons I may have been hesitant in buying one before now are a bit random and would probably irritate a few. Firstly, I was worried about when I would wear it, it is a sad fact that modern life does not lend itself to prancing around in tulle – unless you are Carrie Bradshaw. Secondly, how would I wear it? I don’t mind drawing attention a bit but I’d rather not if I had a choice. Finally, as a plus size woman I have been told for years and years that fluffy layers and a pouffy skirt will only serve to accentuate my wide hips and thunder thighs.

But now I own one I am going to tackle these issues step by step!

A bit flattened and I’m twisted sideways here.

Firstly, I may not be Carrie Bradshaw but I can still rock a damned tulle skirt. I’ve worn mine to my works Christmas do, a meal out with my best friend, Christmas Day at my parents and I plan on wearing it for my husbands 30th in January. Problem one, solved!

Secondly, I started off by wearing it with a simple, pretty black camisole and then I added a wraparound cardigan with a couple of Etsy broaches. But the second and third time I wore out I branched out and tried jewel tones and a sparkly jumper and do you know what? I looked FABULOUS each time I’ve worn it. It may be a showy item to wear but it lends itself well to a multitude of pairings. Problem two, solved!

If you are looking for heels and fancy posing, you’re in the wrong place…

Finally, this one did worry me as when I told friends and coworkers what I was planning to wear I was inundated with comments that really made me panic. I am building on my self confidence but I am still not 100% happy with my body. Things such as it standing out on my hips to make me look wider, all those added layers puffing me up even further. But sod them, I enjoyed wearing the skirt and got so many compliments and most importantly I felt great. Problem three, smashed!

Okay, so that is me and my tulle skirt! Now go, go quick! They are on sale!

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    1. It is beautiful even though I bought it the day before the sale started it’s still worth every penny!

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